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Licencia 1 Mes Pix4Dmapper

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Pix4D software automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight drones or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. This desktop software converts your images into highly precise, timely and customizable results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.

DSMs + Orthomosaics better than everMeet the new Pix4Dmapper 2.0

Pix4Dmapper 2.0 introduces sharper DSMs and Orthomosaics, a faster, redesigned Mosaic Editor with real-time local updates, video input compatibility with automatic still-frame extraction, and much more…

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Input + Process

Use any camera and lens, from any angle, and include geotags and GCPs for precise geo-referencing. Choose your processing options and assess the quality and completeness of your input images at all stages, even while still in the field. Processing is made easy with the fully automatic workflow.

Assess + Edit

Keep full control of your projects with these integrated editing tools:

The rayCloud editor combines the 3D point cloud with the original images and is a ground-breaking concept that offers you a completely new viewing and annotating experience. Use the rayCloud editor to view, assess, interpret and improve the quality and accuracy of your results. Measure, vectorize, classify and perform GIS and CAD functionalities directly in the rayCloud editor.

The Mosaic editor is your answer to beautiful maps in only a few clicks. Improve the quality of the automatically generated orthomosaic with the easiest seamline editing tool available in the market.

The Index calculator enables you to create and customize index maps, using your multi-spectral imagery with radiometric accuracy. Application maps can then be produced by integrating the results, such as NDVI, into all major AG management software packages.

Output + Share

Choose from a variety of formats for your geo-referenced orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs, point clouds, textured 3D models and simplified CAD models. Customize index maps at any resolution, classify terrain and objects automatically, as well as create objects and animations directly in the software. Seamlessly import generated results and vector objects into a wide variety of GIS, CAD and traditional photogrammetry software packages, including industry-specific software.

Pix4Dmapper 2.0 out now

Pix4Dmapper 2.0 introduces sharper DSMs and Orthomosaics, a faster, redesigned Mosaic Editor with real-time local updates, video input compatibility with automatic still-frame extraction, and much more…

Download Pix4Dmapper Detailed 2.0 Feature List 

Pix4Dmapper Capture App

Turn your DJI flying platform into a mapping and measuring tool by using our Capture App.

Download free on Android or iOS and start creating 2D maps and 3D models today.

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Drone+ Software

Looking for a full solution? Use both a drone and our software to fully cover your mapping and modeling needs. Choose one of our partners, who integrate Pix4Dmapper with their fixed-wing drones or copters.

Our UAV partners

What is Pix4Dmapper Capture


Pix4Dmapper Capture is a mobile app that allows you to easily capture optimal images and geotags for mapping and 3D modeling with your DJI flying platforms.


Define an area of interest, take off, capture and get a Quick 3D Preview on your phone or process, edit and measure results on your computer using Pix4Dmapper Pro or Mesh software.


Pix4Dmapper Capture turns your DJI flying platform into a professional modeling and measuring tool.



Responsive Flight Grid

The responsive flight grid gives you immediate feedback on how to change the flight parameters of your flight mission.

Define an optimal flight plan around an area of interest, resize and rotate the flight grid, then select both the overlap and the flight altitude.


Quick 3D Preview After Flight

Right after flight, sync your DJI platform to your phone, upload the images to Pix4Dcloud and get a Quick 3D Preview in the phone’s browser within minutes.


Once the images are uploaded, you can also download the dataset from your Pix4D user account page and open the project inPix4Dmapper Pro or Mesh on your computer.



Free Flight for Oblique Details

For advanced pilots who wish to acquire oblique details, such as the facade of a building, a cliff, or a utility tower, fly a Free Flight mission and get optimal imagery for every target.


Change the camera angle, define the minimal distance between image centers, and fly around any complex target in manual mode.



Easy Integration with Pix4Dmapper Pro and Pix4Dmapper Mesh


After your mission, just transfer the project from your phone to computer, using your Pix4D cloud account or the flying platform’s SD card.


With your Pix4Dmapper Pro or Pix4Dmapper Mesh DJI Edition license, process the project in full resolution, verify and improve the project quality, edit the point cloud, export professional outputs, and measure features with survey-grade accuracy.



Features + Download

Pix4Dmapper Capture App is available for Android (ver. 1.0) and iOS (ver. 0.2 Beta). The Responsive Flight Grid and Free Flight mode are available only for the Android version. 

To sign up for the Capture App’s Android Beta (compatible with Phantom 3 and Inspire 1), follow the instructions HERE.

For detailed information on our specific releases, click below:

Pix4Dmapper Capture App v.1.0 Android

Pix4Dmapper Capture App v.0.2 Beta iOS

Download the free App for Android and iOS:

pix4dapp                    pix4dapp

Android                                iOS




1 month
Euro 260
Rent your Pix4Dmapper license for 30 consecutive days and decide freely when to renew your rental
Support and Upgrade included
Switch at any time to the 1-time charge
License can be installed
on 2 computers
One for on-site Rapid Check and one for Full Processing mode


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